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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Banana Bread at its Most Delicious

I do a little bit of baking, but certainly not a lot.

One of my baking mainstays however, is banana muffins.  Mostly because I have to regularly clear out my freezer to keep it from becoming the world's largest blackened banana storage container.

I've said it before, frozen, extremely ripened, bananas are the best to use in baking.  They're soft, and really sweet.  Which can make your banana-based baked goods delicious.

I've also written about banana bread and muffins in the past.  The first time was with regards to a very healthy (and still quite delicious) low-fat, whole-wheat, banana oat muffins.

Check out that recipe if you're interested in making some very tasty healthy muffins.  They're good.

However, the wife likes the sweet and soft kind of banana muffins, so I have to make them unhealthily once in a while to sate her cravings.

So, let's juxtapose these recipes for a minute.


Here is the recipe card I made for my low-fat whole-wheat version:

(Note this is from before I started to write up my recipe cards nicely and digitally.) 

So, although this is the version I use most often, it was not the first iteration of banana muffins.  The first is from a very old recipe, originally from my Mom, although it has gone through a few variations since then.

It is similar, but has a couple of differences.  Namely: more flour - and all-purpose rather than whole wheat; no oats; butter instead of margarine(and twice as much of it!); one more egg; and twice as much granulated sugar. So, basically just a whole lot more of all the "bad" ingredients.  ;) 

But... you can see how this latter version could be substantially more delicious.  Just as you can also imagine it is equally less healthy.

Personally I like the low fat ones better.  They're high in fibre and not too bad of a breakfast snack if you're in a hurry in the morning.  And it's not like they're not still sweet and tasty.

Forgive these photos; they were from a time before I had a good camera!

Anyway, like I was saying, I sometimes have to make the latter version; which I sometimes refer to as banana cupcakes they are so sweet and cake-y.  I mean, really, you could top it with a nice icing (banana butter cream, vanilla, or I bet a cream cheese icing would be amazing!) and these could easily pass as cupcakes.

The last time I made this recipe it was an epic fail.  I don't relish pointing that out again to the world, but there it is.  You can revisit my pain by reading the original post from that time.

This latest batch, however, turned out just fine.  Here are some pics.

The muffins are always tastier than the bread.  I think it has to do with the fact they stay moister.  They're like candy.


But, even the bread is really good.  This batch worked out particularly well, and didn't crumble all to pieces like some banana breads.  Which is good, because I like to toast my banana bread in the toaster before eating it!