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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Starting the spatter...

This blog is not trying to be the best culinary blog out there. Nor does it even care to differentiate itself much from the already staggering amount of existing blogs devoted to the subject.

Instead, it is meant merely as my own collection of thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the kitchen.

It picks up in no particular place in time, and begins in no portentous or meaningful fashion. It has to begin somewhere, after all, and no particular importance should be placed on my first post (other than the fact that it is, in fact, my first post.)

So – although I'm certain this blog will be most useful to those who already know me, or with whom I wish to point to, reference, or even demonstrate, something specific – it should nonetheless be possible for the average passersby to search and access previous posts like a recipe index. Provided there one day is enough archived posts to warrant such a lofty claim.

For now, however, it suffices as a cheery and clean forum within which I can show off my latest culinary exploits, or post my latest culinary conundrums.

In short, a smattering of my culinary spatterings.