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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holy Thyme (Batman)!

I like thyme.

There are some really nice things you can do with it... like veggies with browned thyme butter drizzled on them; baked carrots on a light bed of thyme leaves, or, especially, cheese sauces, or baked cheese.


It's kind of tedious to prepare though...

First I wash it, and then spin-dry it.

Then it needs to be stripped from the stem.

I've learned a trick... I'm sure it's not that big of a secret, but I reveled in the knowledge when I first discovered it... if you hold it by the top (tip) rather than the base, and then run your pinched-thumb-and-forefinger along the length of it backwards (away from the tip), it strips quite easily indeed!

In order to get it to the point of just being leaves, with no stem, you'd need a great deal of patience, however.  More patience than I regularly have... and I'm a fairly patient dude in the kitchen...
So, invariably I'll just get it to the point of being leaves and soft-stems... the greenish stems rather than the brownish stems... and then chop it some.

It works well enough.  And saves me from going insane.  Even still, this takes a surprising amount of time.

I like thyme.

It just gets relegated to special occasions.