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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Whole Wheat Artisan Bread

Well, as you know I've perfected my artisan bread recipe over the years.  And the latest iteration was just about as good as I think I'd want it.

However, that was white bread.

And, as promised, here is my attempt at the same thing, using 100% whole wheat flour instead.

A couple of tweaks, namely a touch more sugar and salt (which incidentally, in case you didn't know, have opposing affects on yeast respiration... sugar encourages, salt discourages... neat, huh?) 

As you can see, it turned out relatively well.  Maybe slightly less round, and a bit more crumb to the loaf, but the crust was crisp and light, and the interior moist but not too dense.

So, overall, it was successful.

That said, however...


We (all of us who partook) decided it still paled compared to the white flour version, which was just perfect.

So, the verdict?

It worked out OK, and I was glad to have attempted it, but I think I'll leave my homemade baked breads white.  

The wife and I are especially alright with that option, given that the majority of our bread consumption is bakery-bought multi- and whole-grain breads, which we consume the vast majority of the time.

So, we can leave the treat of freshly baked bread exactly that, a treat!