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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bodum Ceylon Iced Tea Pitcher

I like pitchers.

Maybe because I like beverages.

Who knows.

Anyway, looking around (at furniture, actually, of all things) I found this pitcher for sale at CB2, and immediately coveted it.

It was only after I looked at it in the store that I even realized it was a Bodum product.  Which is cool.

Anyway, allow me to stun and amaze you with all of its many-splendoured features.


OK, obviously the first, and main feature is the cool filter insert.

The intention (and product images) is to brew your own tea in it, without worrying about getting the leaves in your tea.  Obvious, but still super awesome, and worth the price of the pitcher alone.

Other cool features, however, and only discovered upon later reflection, are the gripped lid wheel (super fun and easy to open and close the lid), and the addition of a second filter on the pour spout.  This filter makes it awesome to keep ice in, while pouring liquid out is not impeded in the slightest.  It also makes for a secondary trap in case anything made it out of the first filter.

Add to all this the fact that the whole thing is dishwasher safe, and you've got a pretty darned cool, if somewhat uninspired-looking, pitcher.

I use it for lemon water right now, and always have a batch going in the fridge, but come summertime I imagine many an iced tea to be brewed, and possibly even a few sangrias to be mixed!