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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Buffet/Hutch for my Shtuff.

So, we got a buffet and hutch combo recently.  

It was actually a gift from my mother-in-law, and was purchased way back in December, but Crate and Barrel messed it up more than once before finally coming through just a couple weeks ago.

We were so worried about it working out actually, that for a while there we were planning on cancelling it and even went so far as to shop around for another.

We hated Crate and Barrel's customer service and the way they continually approved terribly decrepit furniture for delivery, so we really wanted to tell them to 'eff off'... but we just couldn't find an a better hutch.  We looked all over the city, at many different stores, and everything we saw was either poor quality, or just way too expensive.

Yes, it was only after looking around so much that we realized this was actually a nice piece of furniture, for a relatively decent price.


Now that it is finally here, we do love it.

The reason I mention it here, even though technically it isn't in my kitchen, is that it has helped immeasurably with my culinary organization and storage solutions.


I love being able to have a dedicated space for my table linens, as well as for my 'good' set of dishes and cutlery and stuff.

Also, a nice display hutch for my wine glasses and good serving ware.

Fun stuff.

Anyway, the hutch is beautiful, but also highly utilitarian.  It's made of Sungkai wood, which is a tropical hardwood, which is supposedly similar to Teak.  

So it smells nice.  


In any case, it's been super nice to have because (as you may know) my kitchen is pretty small, so having any amount of extra storage space is certainly a boon!