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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Virgil Brigman Back on the Air

There have been at least one or two extended breaks from my putting posts up on here, but this last one was definitely the longest.

I feel sad and ashamed.

I console myself with the very likely possibility that, in fact, no one even noticed.

I won't bore anyone with details, but it suffices to say that I was really busy there for a long time, and then there were some hosting issues and various other web-based obstacles to overcome.

The GOOD news, though?  Good for Culinary Spatterings anyway...

I still managed to document a few of my forays over these months, so they will not be consigned to oblivion... as you might otherwise have hoped.  

Yup, soon enough these ancient but telling posts will begin popping up all over the place, with weird time stamps from many months ago.  This is not the spectre of Culinary Spatter performing food experiments from beyond time and space.  Instead it is simply me dating these posts according to when the foray was actually conducted.  

This should help to 'fill in' the gap in this time break, but only a little.  I only have about a dozen I think. 

The hope, however, is that after a few weeks of catching up, it should look like nothing untoward has happened at all.

You and I will know better though.

But anyway... you needn't lose any more sleep wondering where Culinary Spatter went and why he left you in a cold, cold universe all alone without any amateur kitchen foibles to deliver at least some small measure of joy and contentment thus keeping the weighty, crushing monotony of your everyday lives from burdening you to the point of the complete and utter abandonment of happiness...

Culinary Spatterings will be back up and running here within the next few weeks.