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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Berkey Sport

As you might now, I've been *quite* pleased with my Royal Berkey Water Filter, ever since we got it about 3 months ago.

It really is quite lovely.

So, I decided to pick up some more Berkey-related items aimed at making my life in general, easier and just... well... better.

I have a decent water bottle.  It's stainless steel and it has the WWF logo on it so I feel cool when I use it. Whenever I can, I fill it up from my Royal Berkey, of course, however I'm not always at home when I want to fill it up.

Enter the Berkey Sport:

Not much to look at.  Actually I really don't like it aesthetically... at all... but functionally it is just fantastic. 

A while back I bought a Life Straw for emergency and/or camping intentions, and it is pretty darned cool if I do say so myself.  Anything that quickly and safely turns things like stagnant ponds or even raw sewage water into healthy, potable water, is pretty amazing in my book.

However, I wanted something that wouldn't make me look like a crazy person (or an asshole), and for most intents and purposes the Berkey Sport looks just like every other sport water bottle.

There's even a cool straw that pops up when you open the lid.

The best thing, of course, is that it offers a level of filtration very close to Berkey's regular stand-alone models.

There's the carbon filter element, just smaller, and rather than working on gravity as the stand-alone models do, this one actually works the opposite way.  It is suction that gives the kinetic energy needed to pass the water through the element.

It's pretty cool, and still filters out pretty much everything you would not want to drink.

In fact, I only have one small complaint, and it is with the capacity. When the filter, and straw thingie are all attached, there is not a lot of room for water.  So, I could wish the bottle was a little bigger, but then again it really isn't that big a deal to have to refill it slightly more often, especially when you have the freedom of utilizing pretty much any water source available.