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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kale and Chicken Dumplings

Similar to a previous post I made on Pork Pot-stickers, this recipe is also 100% from scratch and includes a similar set of ingredients.

However, as with all my culinary spatterings, each new iteration is an improvement (or an attempt at improvement) upon a previous one.


I had some leftover chicken from somewhere... I forget where... the Wife has a strange and difficult to understand penchant for buying roast chickens.  Like whole, roast chickens.  I never ask her to, and every time she comes home with one I ask her if she knows how bad they are (both for us and for the chicken!) but she never seems to care.

Personally I blame her (equally prevalent) penchant for doing the grocery shopping while hungry.  :)

Anyway, I took the leftover chicken, and mixed it with some fresh green kale, some onion, garlic, and ginger, and a pinch of white pepper and salt.

Mmmmmm...  looks kind of like vomit.


The dumplings are the fun part.  And surprisingly easy to make!

Rather than make them like 'wraps' or delicate little pouches, this time I decided to just go full bore on a round dumpling style.

When they were all assembled, I brushed them lightly with some sesame oil, 

And then fried them lightly in a frying pan.

After turning them over several times to brown each side, I poured in about 100 ml of filtered water, and then quickly covered them.

This was a step I did not do in previous iterations of these dumplings, and I found that it is essential in getting that typical, attractive, soft and moist dumpling look:

Glistening with moisture, and yet golden brown, these dumplings were soft and chewy rather than crispy and dry.  And so delicious!

Obviously the above technique involved a couple of batches, but if I had a huge wok or something it might be doable in one batch?  In any case, though, it is not hard to do them in several batches.

I also made up some green beans and a dipping sauce (for both the dumplings and the beans) made out of soya sauce, sesame oil, and a few green onions and bits of chili pepper.

They aren't always, but this particular attempt was a definite improvement upon previous Asian-styled dumplings like this, and will surely get filed towards any future attempts!