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Friday, May 22, 2015

Automatic Soap Dispenser

So, I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I have two automatic soap dispensers.

I used to use those little pumps for which you can buy refills, Method, actually, was my brand of choice.  But, for a couple years now already (yes, I should have mentioned this sooner, I guess...) I've been using motion-activated soap dispensers.

I bought one for the bathroom sink, and a second for the kitchen sink.

They are positively awesome!  They hold a fair bit of any kind of liquid hand soap (except the foaming kind, which is stupid anyway IMO) :D and as such, do not require refilling more than once every few months.

Although the manufacturer, SimpleHuman (which is a great brand for some stuff) makes their own soap refills, I still use Method soap for these.  Lavender scented, because I like lavender.


Anyway, because I'm a bit of a germaphobe they're great for washing up when your hands are dirty. However, other than receiving a perfectly-proportioned dollop of soap at the wave of a hand, the best part of these guys, I'd have to say is the fact that they have their own internal rechargeable batteries!
They can be charged using any microUSB cable, and either with a USB wall adapter or just into a USB port itself!  

A few hours of charging every few months only is all that is needed, and I would say that is with moderate-to-heavy usage.

Pretty cool stuff!

And I've never had issues with finicky sensor readings.  If anything, the sensor is a little TOO sensitive as I've had it dispense soap accidentally a couple of times.

It is easy to be mindful of the sensor though, and for those times when you just want it deactivated altogether, that is easily done as well (at the touch of a button.)

Anyway, a great kitchen (or bathroom, or any sink really) tool.  I've become so used to mine I don't think I could revert to a manually-operated soap dispenser!

Plus guests always comment on how cool they are, which never hurts!

If you're more than just casually interested in these, here is a link for more info.  I do strongly recommend getting the rechargeable kind, as the battery-operated versions require 4 AAs each, and go through them quickly!