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Monday, October 5, 2015

Awesome Autumnal Apples

Well, as promised (to myself... I promised myself), I bought a crazy amount of fresh fall apples.

I tried to take some artsy shots of my large bowl of Ontario-grown Honey Crisp and Royal Gala apples.

But, unfortunately for you, I'm a better cook than I am a photographer.  

So perhaps you won't find these pictures as visually stunning as I think they are.


Sure I'm only an amateur photographer, but that didn't stop me from pulling out all the stops (heh heh heh f-stops heh heh heh) on these.  I brought out my tripod, opened up the aperture and exposure to capture as much warmth and shitty light that could be gleaned in my dark, dark, cavern of an apartment.

Bear in mind, this was a very cloudy day.

Anyway, I think they turned out beautifully, but again, what do I know?

This last one I played with the aperture so the background is nice and blurry; it's my favourite one.

Anyway... fun times with photos.

But really, the apples are awesome.

I'm going to make some pie, and I think I'll make some apple fritters.