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Monday, February 29, 2016

Don't Underestimate the Value of a Good Serrated Knife!

Lately I've been stepping up my bread-baking.

I've gotten pretty good at it, if I do say so myself, at least for an amateur.

I've recently discovered a new technique that is easier, faster, and actually better... which of course helps immensely.

So, as a result, and perhaps from having seen me struggle with my old bread knife, the wife surprised me and bought me a very nice, new and very sharp, serrated knife!

I didn't even know what I had been missing.

My old knife suited my needs just fine—or so I thought—cutting through bread.  I know many people recommend using serrated knives for other tasks (like cutting thin-fleshed fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes), but I find if you keep your other knives sharp they're better for those tasks, leaving the serrated knife just for breads.

The thing is... my old knife actually didn't work so well, and it was only after switching to this super nice, super sharp, super awesome new one that it dawned on me.

As for the brand, I admit I've never heard of "Anton Messerhersteller", but... it's German so it's bound to be pretty good!  ;)

Seriously though, it is really sharp, and very well built.  The handle is sturdy with a great heft to it, and counter-balanced I would say perfectly (sometimes a difficult thing to do with such long blades as bread knives).  The blade itself is extremely stiff and thick, and as sharp as any of my utility knives.

All-in-all, it's really great having a sharp serrated knife.  Like I say, I didn't even know what I was missing until I switched.

But, I noticed it right away, the quality difference; being able to slice through my rustic bread without even a single crumb waylaid!  That's impressive!  My old knife would kinda just massacre the bread into a pile of dust practically (not really, but relatively speaking, it made a mess of bread!)

Yes, that's my own home-made bread!  And, yes, that's my new knife!

Just look at those slices!!!!

And, no I didn't photoshop this pic—those cuts really were that clean!

So... if you were like me and didn't really place much value on a serrated knife... well, hopefully this might change your mind!

I certainly appreciate the change!

I think maybe the wife's motives were perhaps less altruistic than I thought at first, however, as I'm pretty sure she now expects more fresh bread, and more often.