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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poor Showing Lad, Poor Showing Indeed...

Took a bit of a hiatus there I'm realizing.

The last few weeks were very eventful for me, and included (among many other things) Christmas at the folks' place, significant travel, and finally contracting a pretty nasty illness.

So I was out-of-province for the first ten days or so, and then quite ill for the next.  In any case, I was not in my kitchen for close to a month.

Indeed, the situation became so drastic and dire that my wife had to take over most of the cooking and culinary duties for the last couple of weeks!!!


To be fair (or, rather, unfair, depending on your perspective) these duties consisted mainly of heating soup and other easily-ingested foods.  No, truly, it should be said that although she's not necessarily a goddess in the kitchen, my wife can still be quite homey, and her domesticity knows few bounds; I'd certainly be nowhere without her efforts.  Especially when ill!

Anyway, I was pathetic and prostrate for the first half of January, and am only now getting to the point of being able to get back into the kitchen; for contagiousness reasons as much as any fatigue-related reasons (I tell myself, anyway).

Life does resume, however.

As does my culinary spattering.

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