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Monday, May 28, 2012

Grilled Corn-in-Husk

Never the most devout fan of corn, I still prefer corn 'on-the-cob' to canned, which was almost all I had growing up.  Blech.

Even frozen corn is better than canned... but anyway... that's a neither here nor there.

We barbecued a bunch of stuff on the grill here, and that included some corn on the cob.  Delicious stuff if prepared well.  And one of the things I particularly love to do, is cook it "un-shucked" (with the husk still on).

I forget where and when I actually saw this done for the first time... so I'm reluctant to give credit to the wrong party.  Suffice it to say someone showed me how to do it... just not too sure who that was...


The trick is to let the cobs soak in water for a good while before grilling.

Having the husk moist will help keep it from burning right up.

Grill it up in a hot (bbq) oven, and turn it frequently.  It can stay on for anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes, but you know it is done and ready, when the outside (husk) becomes completely burnt.  Yes, burnt.  

The seeds inside are still wonderfully protected, but have taken on a gorgeous flavour of the whole thing.

Now, at first I always thought that this next step - the act of shucking or removing the husk - would be difficult.

It is not.

Simply peel back all the outer layers, and then 'pop' them off.  The inner 'silk' of the husk can be very easily removed if you just grab the knobby thing at the end and slowly pull.  The trick is to try and keep it all together, and try to get it all in 'one go' so-to-speak.

It just comes right off!

Make sure to throw the husks in the compost bin, as they are very biodegradable. 

Now, doesn't this corn look delicious!!

Roll em up in some margarine, add a pinch of salt, and then plug-in your favourite corn on the cob holders.