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Monday, May 7, 2012

ijj's Ever-Elusive Pantry-Predator

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I don't really like to make this about me.  Or my family.  Oh sure, once in a while I'll mention that something reminds me of my childhood, or that one particular meal has been a tradition in my family, but for the most part it's always in the context of 'food', and I try to keep personal stuff out of here.

I mean nobody cares, right?

Culinary exploits, though...  that's different!


For whatever reason, I feel like bending that rule a little bit here today.  

I was baking in the kitchen on Sunday, and left one of the cupboards open for a minute only.  I was startled by sounds of items in my pantry falling over (seemingly) by themselves.

Now, having my camera right there, I managed to sneak a few shots of the ever-elusive pantry-predator...  

I call her Roma.  Well... her full name is really Paloma Roma.  Cause she makes sounds like a pigeon coo, and she's grey, and her name was 'Pigeon' at the shelter when we rescued her.
Anyway, I can only assume she was initially attracted by the prospect of a bowl of bran flakes, or possibly a dip in the honey, but she quickly thereafter went straight for the soup, with a brief stopover to knock some crackers out of her way.

When she saw my pitiful collection of soups (and what I can assume from her perspective, the decided lack of any kind of 'raw meat soup' or fresh, live, canned fish or something) she gave me a unilaterally disappointed look, which seemed to ask: 

"Really?  Really?!!?  ...Wow, dude." 

Unbeknownst to her, I actually do NOT keep the cat food in with my soup...

So... if looks could kill, I'm pretty sure this gaze would slice, dice, and chop me up into little bite-sized meaty chunks... probably - let's face it - with gravy.


I love cats; they're so delightfully evil.  And you always know where you stand with them... which is essentially "If you were only smaller than me, I'd be feasting on you right now".

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