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Friday, September 28, 2012

Quinoa Herb Bread

I like quinoa.  I find it a very tasty grain.  And it can be prepared in a wide variety of ways.


Milled into flour is NOT a particularly good one, IMO.

The wife recently worked on a book called Quinoa Revolution which is a good book, but which kind of grasps at the proverbial straws if you know what I mean.  There are many delightful recipes and ideas inside, but some of the more marginal concepts are pretty far out there.

One of those concepts was the idea of Quinoa Flour Pancakes.  My wife loves pancakes... and has become quite adept at making them.  So it seemed, to everyone involved, that this might be a perfect recipe from the book for her to try out.

She followed it perfectly, but it still tasted like @$$.  Like, really, REALLY, bad.  Not even 'let's trudge through this' but more 'let's burn this and its memory from our lives' kind of thing.

They looked delicious.

But looks can be deceiving.  So utterly deceiving.


So... we're left holding a $13 bag of quinoa flour with almost 2/3 remaining, and me pondering how best to use it up...

Now... bread is delicious, right?  Almost absolutely so.  Throw in copious amounts of fresh butter, garlic and scallions, and it should be scrumptious... right?


Oh so very wrong.

Here's my rustic quinoa herb loaf, which is even only about 50% quinoa flour.  

I guess that's 50% too much.  :(

A great idea in theory... but horrible in execution.  I am not very confident that there would be ANY way to prepare quinoa flour tastily.  And I'm one of those dudes who thinks you can make almost anything taste good...

So, the conclusion?

Stick to preparing quinoa as you would a normal grain.  Steamed, boiled, in salads, as filler, etc.  Just keep it in whole grain form, and don't mill it and turn it into flour.

I'm literally shuddering remembering the flavour.  It wasn't even the wonderfully nutty flavour I associate with quinoa... it was something darker... more sinister... the stuff of nightmares, really.