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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro

We've been eating pretty richly lately, and for supper today I wanted something which would be hearty and filling, but pretty light and healthy.

For this, a light tomato sauce is usually my go-to.

It's incredibly quick, incredibly easy, and incredibly delicious.

First, as always, start a large pot of slightly salted water, for the pasta, dumping the pasta in as soon as the water reaches a rolling boil.

Next, begin by sautéing some white onion, some garlic, and some scallion.  This starts with a very generous glug of olive oil.

Then, we throw in our onion first, followed a minute or two after with the garlic, and scallion.

We're going to add a couple of chilli peppers here as well, for some heat.

Let this simmer on low for about 5 or ten minutes, just to soften everything, and to get that large quantity of olive oil you put in there to become heavily saturated with flavour.

While that is rockin', either get out a big can of tomato paste (Ingredients: Tomatoes.), or else - like I did here - bring out the blender and purée about a half dozen of fresh tomatoes.

I prefer Roma Tomatoes for sauces, as they tend to mulch a little better and have a little less water content which is good.

Once that is fully blended, dump the tomato purée into a medium saucepan, and turn it up to high.  Yes, high.

Using a malleable (like silicon) spatula, scrape out every last drop of that olive oil and veggie sauté you had rockin' in the fry pan.

Give it a good whisking, and then cover it with a splatterguard, cause it's going to get REAL nasty.

When on high like this, the water from the tomatoes will evaporate much more quickly, but it can be really messy, not to mention slightly dangerous, so care is certainly warranted.

While this is rolling along, you can drain your spaghetti which is now cooked to al-dente, and set it aside for now.  Rinse the cooked noodles with some cold water before letting them sit, in order to keep them from becoming sticky.  It's ok if the noodles get cold.  Trust me.

By now, the sauce has likely thickened substantially.  And should look a little like this:

And it's ready to have the noodles stirred in, tossed around until the sauce is evenly picked up.

At this point I started on some asparagus.

The pan which had all the gorgeous garlic-y, onion-y, olive oil in it, is now being used to quickly pan-fry a medium amount of asparagus.


I'd suggest you stick around this pan, while cooking the asparagus.  Don't stray, as this will be benefited from frequent and regular stirring / flipping.

Once they start to turn deep green, and start to bend a little at their ends, they're done.  Sprinkle a pinch of good sea salt and some freshly-cracked black pepper, and they're good to go!

Now... served as it is like this, everything is vegan.  I was just talking about how veganism does not need to necessarily be scary strange concoctions of nuts and seeds and tofu... but can just be any old regular, easily-recognizable, meal, that just happens to be animal-product free.

Even the pasta noodles I chose to use are (relatively) vegan.  

There are always 'traces' of egg, but that's almost unavoidable unless you make your own.

Anyway - this meal is ready to serve as-is, and is a perfectly delicious, easy, vegan solution.  So eat up!

HOWEVER... (maniacal laugh)... my wife and I are not vegan...SO...

Everything got a healthy dose of Parmigiano Reggiano on top.  Even the asparagus.
Heh heh heh.  
Suck it vegans!!!