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Friday, October 11, 2013

French Vintage Dining Chairs

So, like I said we would, when I was talking about our new Reclaimed Barn Wood Harvest Table, we picked up a couple of dining chairs to match.

Well, I use the word 'match' loosely.

They're not intended to match, and honestly we knew we were likely going to choose these chairs even before we picked out the table.

See... the thing is... the wife has LONG been searching for some sort of super girly seating for this room.  My argument has always been that it's a dining room, what do you need that kind of seating for in a dining room.  But, that argument was (of course) unheeded.  

So, some of the things she's looked at over the years have been: chaise lounges, settees, and - lately - bergère chairs.

Well, none of these things were perfect, nor could double as dining table seating... until the wife got the singularly genius idea to get these nice dining chairs and just arrange them as 'reading' chairs for the times they are not needed at the dining table.

Pretty clever idea, and it solves both dilemmas at the same time.

So, for most of the time, these chairs sit here, by the windows, with an ottoman and a reading lamp.  However, once in a while, like when entertaining, they'll sit at the foot and head of the dining table.

They don't exactly match, but they don't exactly clash either.

Anyway... we're happy.