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Monday, November 4, 2013

ijj's Epic Search for the Perfect Whisk... Finally Over.

A while back, I posted about whisks.  In fact, you can read it HERE, if you like.

Anyway... I ranted a little bit about why I like them, why I need so many different kinds of them, but most importantly, how I've been searching my whole life for a very particular type of whisk, and with soul-crushingly paltry success.

Until today.

I've managed to find it!

A very small whisk head, with a very large (normal adult-sized) handle!


I'm so happy <wipes tear>.

Believe it or not, this is actually a bar tool.  That's how I found it, anyway.  

So, I'm assuming a drink mixer.  

Whatever dudes, it's far, far, far more useful to me as a long-handled meticulous mixer of sauces.

Culinary Spatter's whisk-town is now population awesome.