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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Finger Food

Sometimes you just don't feel like a sit-meal, right?

Sometimes you want to just have the 'food-to-mouth' ordeal to be as painless and simple as possible.

You don't?

Well, sometimes I like to make finger food meals.

Meals wherein as little effort as possible is expended in eating, but also wherein every mouthful can be a little different, if you choose.

So, to succeed at this sort of thing, you need variety.  You can't just put down three things and as long as they're 'bite-sized', be OK.  

I mean, you can keep it simple, and revolve around a 'theme', like I like to do...

In fact, tonight's finger-food meal was basically just 'things-to-put-on-bread'.

On the line-up, we had...

Roasted Tomatoes:

Roasted Red Pepper:

Roasted Garlic:

Fresh Burrata-Like Cheese (I actually FORGET what this was... it wasn't Burrata... but it was LIKE Burrata... Sorry...)  I CAN tell you that it was delicious, though... :

Red-Wine Pecorino:

And a high-quality, SHARP Cheddar:

I also threw out a plate of nice EVOO & Balsamic... although the wife doesn't like Balsamics... (sigh).

Oh!  And the star of the evening, the BREAD!

Yummy, delicious, freshly home-made, classic french white:

Mmmmmmmmmmmm...  I love fresh bread sooooo much.  That could very well be the reason for this whole meal... as it all complements, and showcases, the bread.