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Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving... Pork Roast?


Sometimes we just like to break with convention.  Throw accepted norms out in the compost bin and just cook whatever we feel like.

Well, this October, we gave thanks over a lovely, tiny little pork tenderloin.

I had some fresh thyme, which I shoved in all the places where the sun didn't shine... as well as a few more...

Some smoked sea salt and some fresh green peppercorn as a rub... but the magic really happened with the bacon.

Yah.  Pork on Pork action.

We went all out.  It was Thanksgiving after all.

What I wanted to do was sear the roast real quick, to get that lovely browned exterior and yummy crispy flavour, so I actually did this BEFORE adding the bacon.

And here is why:  if I put the bacon on before roasting, it would just result in crispy bacon wrapped around a moist pork roast.  Which would be fine, I guess... but it wasn't what I wanted.

So after the roast got a nice searing, that's when I wrapped a few pieces of bacon overtop.

Sprinkle some freshly ground peppercorns on there, and it's good for the 'long haul'. Of course, by this I mean the long, slow roast at low temp.

The result was the best of both worlds, a nice seared roast with a lot of moisture inside.

But the best part, perhaps, is the gravy.  Bacon-infused gravy.  Yum!

I roasted some carrots in the pot, and they got nice and moist and sweet, with just the right amount of thyme-infused bacon-y flavour.

But other than that we just had mashed potatoes.  Can't have gravy without mashed potatoes.  That's something I got from the wife.

All-in-all, it was a VERY simple Thanksgiving for two.


So good.

We don't do meat all that often, but when we do, I like that it is like THIS: