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Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Crêpe Pan

I've always wanted a crêpe pan.  Well, this Christmas my mom bought me one.

It's an entry-level crêpe pan, but it's actually quite nice.

I don't know why, but I always thought of crêpes as being difficult to make.  Well... they're not.

Also, they're really, really delicious, and have now become my favourite breakfast food.

I admit I always kind of thought of them more like pancakes, but really they more closely resemble an egg-product than a bread-product.

Which is good, and is what makes them nice and sproingy.

The batter is really simple, and is basically just flour, milk (almond milk), salt, and eggs.

You heat up the pan on medium-high heat, and coat it with some oil (or butter), and then pour a small amount in (about 1/4 cup per crêpe). 

The tricky (and most important) part is making sure that it is uniformly spread throughout the pan's surface.  When visiting Paris, I noticed all the crêpe places used these cool wooden dowel-y kind of things to smooth it all over.  Well, I just poured in a circle, and then quickly pick up the pan and give it a few wrist spins to get it coated.

Even with that though, it's not perfect, and there will be some holes.

However, what I do is just drizzle a little bit more batter into those holes to fill 'em up.

Works well, if I do say so myself.

After that, it really doesn't take long.  Like 60 seconds on one side, 30 on the other.  Flipping is actually pretty easy, and I impressed the wife a couple times with my one-handed flipping technique.  You can always use a spatula though.

It should puff up nicely, and get all bubbly, when it's ready to be flipped:

Like I said, it doesn't take long, and I had a stack of 6 done in less than ten minutes.  And nice ones too.  Just take a look:


Anyway, for serving you can do pretty much anything you like, I suppose... 

Myself, I'm partial to loads and loads of fruit.  Well... berries to be honest.


Add some icing sugar and some syrup?


These babies fold (roll) surprisingly well, too!


Anyway... that's that.

I really enjoy my new crêpe pan, but only because I'm really enjoying the new-found joy that is crêpes!