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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Polishing Silverware is a Dirty Job

I've never really owned 'SILVERware' before.

The wife and I finally bought a decent set that we both liked, but even they are only 'silver plated'.

So not real silverware.

But I wish someone had told THEM (the utensils, I mean) because they sure TARNISH like the real thing!

I mean... they look almost platinum after they sit out and oxidize for very long.

Anyway, Christmas is coming soon... and with that, a fair amount of entertaining and (yes, you know it!) breaking out the 'good' dishware.  Well in our case this includes the good cutlery as well.

For some reason, even with a good, high resolution photo, it's hard to see the yellow-y, pinkish, patina on there... but it's there.

And after, it's ALL shiny.  Like all-up-in-that-fork's-bidness-SHINY!

Now, you know me.  If something can be done organically, naturally, or in any way NOT harmful to the environment (or to humans, myself included), I'll opt for that.

But... I'm going to say something really bad here and you all are just not going to judge me, OK? Cleaning products are RARELY sufficient to their purported tasks when also 'green'.  Sigh.

I mean, don't get me wrong, my PRIMARY cleaning product - primary by a very large margin - is a home-brew of my own concocting, consisting of filtered water, white vinegar, and a pinch of essential oil.

But... if you were to peek into my cleaning closet... well, first I'd be all like: "eh, dude, whatcha doin' in my cleaning closet?" but shortly after this challenging but ultimately amicable and winning conversation, you WOULD discover that I have some pretty nasty chemicals in there.

Anyway... that was a bit of a rant, but I wanted to stress that I have tried to polish these utensils with natural products, but nothing even came close to this product, Weiman's silver wipes.

I'm sorry!

Just look at all the crud they took off of my (VERY clean, I promise, they were washed and then sitting in a drawer in my buffet!) silverware:


I probably should have been wearing gloves with these nasties, as I'm certain they're not great for me, the environment, or anybody within a 3-mile radius.


But they gots my cutlery all SHINY!

And I likes SHINY things!