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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Almond Milk Vanilla Cupcakes

No, they're not vegan.

I used eggs.


Someday I'm going to work up the courage to bake a cake using apple sauce or flax meal... but that day is not quite here yet.

I did, however, substitute everything else in this classic yellow sheet cake recipe that was animal-based.  Including the milk and the butter!

Instead, I chose almond milk and canola oil.

So, it's just the eggs in there that came from an animal. 

Even the 'buttercream icing' is made with almond milk.  :)

Anyway, these were delicious.  I couldn't even taste the omission of butter or milk.

The wife didn't notice at all, and said they were amazing.

She took a half-dozen of them to work and her co-workers said the same thing.

So... yay for almond milk.

The icing was a little... runny, I guess would be the word... but only if you're used (like I am) to making buttercream icings out of,well, creamed butter.  :(

It still tasted great... and not like 'healthy great' but actually great.  

And yes, someday (perhaps soon) I will be posting about an entirely vegan cupcake... but not today!