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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holy Black Truffles (Batman)!

There is a very real reason that black truffles are expensive.

It isn't just because they only grow in a select few climes around southern Europe.  Nor even the fact that they need help from native boars to reproduce...

It's because they're intensely delicious.

Chances are you've had truffle or truffle flavour in some sort of dish in your lifetime.  Flavoured oils in particular, are becoming relatively common these days.

But the raw, whole, truffle, is an extravagance few choose to afford.

While I myself have kept various oils, butters, and pastes of black and white truffles in my pantry over the years, I have never bought the actual mushroom as of yet.

Until now.

This product was only about $30, which isn't too bad, considering that it was mostly pure black truffle.

While not technically whole (it's truffle carpaccio, which just means it's raw and has been sliced very thinly), this product is still just truffles in extra virgin olive oil.

You can buy the whole (unshaven) truffle caps, which are usually about $50-$60 for a jar about this size, but I like the convenience of them being shaved like this, and stored in oil.

Plus, when you take mushrooms out, you just top it up with some more quality EVOO and it keeps in the fridge for a long time.

And infuses the oil too!  Always a bonus!

Anyway, although truffles are traditionally used in flavouring things like meat and fish, sometimes risotto, I personally LOVE it in almost everything.  Especially pasta!  Or eggs!

If you like mushrooms even a little, I strongly encourage you to try cooking with the real deal at least once.  I'm certain you'll become hooked on truffles, like I am.