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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Wife's Birthday Dinner

For whatever reason, the wife claims to like my cooking, and seeing as how it's something I can do for her, I typically try to make something special for her, for her birthday.  

I mean, something especially special... I make special meals all the time for her... but her birthday is a time when I try to pull out all the stops.

She loves traditional English beef and potatoes kind of meals, so I decided to do a gourmand twist on that and served up:

Roasted Thumbalina Carrots.

With a nice truffle oil as finisher.

Dry-roasted Thyme Potatoes.

and a Brandy-Cream Green Peppercorn Gravy.

Taken altogether, it was a cool twist on some of her favourite foods.

And for dessert?
I made her favourite, a very vanilla sheet cake, with extra vanilla and butter-cream vanilla icing.