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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

Whether you're Irish or not (or just a wee bit Irish like meself), today is a perfect day for you to indulge in some wicked awesome, warm and hearty, meat and potatoe-y Irish fare!

So, I've compiled a few posts from previous St. Paddy's Day feasts, and I heartily recommend them ALL.

They are all rich, delicious, and mighty, so read on if you dare!

First off, and my favourite, is my BEEF AND GUINNESS POT PIE.

Click here to read up on how to make this delectable and deceptively simply boozy stewey Pot Pie!

Another option, and perhaps more decadent... how about a nice and gooey SHEPHERD'S PIE?!

Click here to see this little ditty of deliciousness!

Perhaps you're looking for something a little simpler, or more traditional?  Something you can just throw together and then forget about on the stove or the slow-cooker?  

How about just a good ol' CLASSIC BEEF STEW?

Click here and get a pot of this simmering right away!

Nothing tells your stomach "I'm ready to get shit-faced drunk" like first filling it up with a bowl of constitution-bolstering, classic beef stew!

Regardless of what you choose to eat tonight, happy cooking, eating, and drinking, and a Merry St. Patrick's Day !!!