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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

An Even Better Way to De-Stem Thyme

So, how crazy is this?

Less than two weeks ago I posted an entry titled: "How to De-Stem Thyme".

In it, I complain about the time-consuming woe that is getting fresh thyme leaves separated from their woody, tough, stems.

I thought I had come up with a relatively decent methodology, and I mean, it works, but nowhere NEAR as well another technique I just learned today.

Today, in my inbox folder labeled 'food stuff', I received yet another of the multitudinous email newsletters from food sites and blogs to which I subscribe.

This one, from one of my lesser-liked sites if I'm to be honest, had right at the top of the page a link to an article entitled, "The Easy Trick to Getting Thyme Leaves off the Stem".

So, disbelieving as I am often wont to be, I hesitantly clicked the link, read the article and watched Epicurious' much-nicer-than-mine video.

Well... heck.

I'm never adverse to completely throwing away an old methodology, as long as a better one comes along, and so I happily and heartily give a shout-out to Epicurious, and apparently to the source, Erin Ireland from To Die For Vancouver (  A site which, after only moderate perusal, I shall have to add to my ever-lengthening list of resources.


So CLICK HERE to link to Epicurious' re-post (and slight tweaking) of Erin Ireland's brilliant idea to feed thyme twigs through a fine screen.

Personally my 'fine mesh screen' is WAY, WAY too fine for a thyme stem, but I did try this technique with a relatively finely holed colander that I have, and I have to say it worked extremely well.

So well, in fact, that I am chagrined for not having thought of this simple trick myself.


Oh well, I'm still happy with the take-away from this experience, which is that I now can enjoy copious (COPIOUS!!!) amounts of fresh thyme, in half the time.