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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Holy Bay Leaves (Batman)!

I've always liked bay leaves.  My mom used to never make a stew without throwing in a handful or two.  And her stews are delicious.

I admit that I was kind of a noob though, at first, and would really strain to see their versatility.  Oh, my kitchen always had a container or pouch of bay leaves on hand, but I used them only for specific things... namely stew.

I know, not very original.

Anyway, I've since come to LOVE their rich, earthy-yet-fresh, flavour.

Now I use them in everything from grilling meats to pasta sauces.  And of course stews and soups.

I had originally had a really hard time finding some fresh bay leaves, and often lamented (often boisterously) the lack.  However, a few months ago I was shopping at our local grocer and discovered a pack of fresh leaves... right where they should be.  I don't know if it was just that every time I've looked for them, every one has been out of them, or if I've just been crazy, but now I can find them all the time.


This, coupled with the fact that in the fridge these puppies can last for quite some time, means that I always have some on hand now.

And I love it.  I know I'm romanticizing them a tad, but every time I think of them, I always think of ancient Rome, and the use of 'laurels' in myth, as well as such coined phrases as 'resting on...'.  Anyway, they're fast becoming one of my favourites.


  1. Great ... I've always only used dried bay leaves so the idea of fresh is something I will try. Hope I can find these at my grocer.

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