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Thursday, March 29, 2012

ijj's Epic Search for the Perfect Whisk... Continues...

I really like whisks.  I really need whisks.  If you've followed my rantings before, you'll notice that I use them a lot.  Quite a bit really.  You can't make as many sauces as I do without a veritable arsenal of whisks on hand.

I've got mini whisks for tiny jobs, huge whisks for bread and pastry dough, silicon whisks for high-heat non-stick purposes, I've even got this awesome flat whisk for shallow pan whisking and de-glazing.  


I've long (like, almost a decade) been searching for a specific type of whisk.  A very small whisk with a very large handle basically.  Now, my mini whisks have small wire sections, but they must be meant for children or something, because their handles are correspondingly tiny.  They barely fit half of my hand.  

So I end up having to 'pinch' them with my thumb and forefinger in order to use them.  There are times when having a small, fine, wire is excellent for whisking, however, so I still need to use these.

It was flabbergasting how difficult it is to find a small wire whisk with a decently-sized handle, and like I said, my search lasted almost 10 years.

Well, this week, I actually found a fairly decent one.  It's not perfect, but it is the closest I've ever come so far.

The wire section is not as small as I would prefer, but it is still one of the smallest available, especially considering that the accompanying handle is actually adult-sized.

So... while the search will go on, I feel that this new whisk will do for now.  And if I don't ever find one better, then at least it is a tad closer to my desired goal.