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Friday, April 13, 2012

Hanging Fruit Basket

I used to have this cheap hanging fruit basket that I got from Ikea and hung in my kitchen.  Its purpose was two-fold.  Firstly it neatly stored differing fruit, displaying them relatively attractively.  Secondly, it saved space in a pretty tiny galley-style kitchen.

However, it was cheap.  I can't remember if it broke, or if we just got rid of it, but regardless, I haven't had anything but decorative bowls in which to display fruit, for probably close to 4 or 5 years now.

Which isn't terrible.

Some nice bowls can really showcase fresh fruit quite nicely.  That which you don't want or need to keep in the crisper, at any rate.

However, there's this ceiling hook in my kitchen...

A ceiling hook which has been taunting me with its mere presence, ever since I moved into this apartment.  I have no idea for what its original use was, nor for what the previous tenant may have used it, but it constantly made its presence known to me.

At first, we tried some hanging plants, but there's just not enough light for even the hardiest shade-loving plant varieties.  However, for the most part, this hook has just been left vacant since we've lived here.

Such a silly, relatively innocuous, thing, and yet I've wanted to use it forever.

I've had the idea to get another hanging fruit basket someday.  Of course, I wanted to avoid Ikea (as I do with everything nowadays), and admittedly I never actually ever initiated a dedicated search for one.

But, in any case, we were out doing some shopping and I found a fairly decent, cheap one, which would do the trick.

I figure the shade which prevented hanging plants to thrive, might actually do the fruit well.

But regardless, the void in that corner is filled, and the nagging ceiling hook has been put to good use, so I'm pleased.

Now I just need to start keeping more fruit out...