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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Holy Basil (Batman)!

Although not my favourite herb, Basil is still within my top 5 for sure.

It's so versatile, so fresh and fragrant, and can liven up almost any dish with only a couple of leaves sometimes.

So, it's no surprise that some fresh basil should make it into my Holy Favourite Foods category here.

Basil can be really cheap in the grocery store, and is one of the few fresh herbs which can be readily available in bulk or bunch form just in the 'you-bag-it' produce section of grocery stores.

However, this batch I picked up from the local farmer's market, and so it's a little grungier and mottled than the non-organic mass-produced stuff.  

A good thing about this particular batch, though, is that I could buy less of it.  I often find the bunches sold in grocery stores are way too big for me to use all of it before it starts to go bad.  Oh, sure, I can whip up some pesto, or do a massive batch of pasta sauce or something... but for the most part it only lasts a couple weeks.

So, this cute little batch was nice.  We've got company staying with us for a couple weeks, so I'm sure it'll get put to good use!