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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holy Brown Rice (Batman)!

I've been buying brown rice (whole-grain rice) for as long as I can remember.  I can't even abide white rice by itself anymore, and when I get it I have to have it flavoured or fried with some other ingredients.  White rice is just so... mushy.  Obviously I've become used to the pleasant crunchy, nuttiness, of brown rice.

Anyway... usually we buy some cheap, imported-from-Asia, bag of rice.  In bulk.  The prices are ridiculous.  If your family is ever very poor and hungry, just go to an asian market and buy a huge bag of brown rice.  Problem solved pretty much.

I'm not an expert on rice, and I don't really know what makes one variety of rice different from another.  I mean, I know that Jasmine is Thai, and Basmati is Indian, but I'm no connoisseur so I can't really tell the difference between the two...  Which makes me a little sad I suppose... but whatever - we can't be awesome at everything.


So, typically we buy brown rice, but I do admit that the variety and region of production, changes and doesn't even necessarily factor in the purchasing.

So... it was a little strange, and off-putting to discover this bag of brown Californian rice!!!  I didn't even know they made rice in California.  Crazy.  Anyway, this company's marketing team must have done a great job, because both my wife and I immediately gravitated to this packaging and were instantly intrigued.  This intrigue turned to enough interest to actually give this product a try.  

So... good job "Diamond G", whoever you are!  

Of course, I'll be sure to recant this adulation if the rice turns out to be not so good... but the presentation (along with the gumption of presenting American rice in an Asian-dominated market) is certainly enough for us to give it a try.