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Monday, June 25, 2012


I have a pretty small kitchen.

If you've seen pictures, I'm sure you'll agree.

I do, however, have a pretty large dining room.

As such, I've wanted to nab a sideboard which could hold overflow on things like table linens and excess or overlarge serving-ware. Plus they look cool.

Not only can they house a fair bit of surplus kitchen and dining gear, but the table-top surface can also double for serving space when you've got guests over. I think I'll find that very useful!

This particular one we bought on Craigslist (the wife has a pretty nasty craigslist addiction) for pretty cheap, and despite showing a little bit of wear and tear (and a positively abysmal amateur staining job), is really sturdy and fairly decent-looking.

We like the dark wood stain, and the solid construction... and the price was right.

The wife and I made a commitment a few years ago, to never buy another piece of furniture which was not solid wood. Yup. Just one too many particle board contraptions and Ikea fails, and that was it. 

So, now we don't even bring something into the house unless it is really sturdy, and has strong solid wood construction.

Technically this sideboard has some particle board - namely the backing, but who cares about that, right? - but for the most part is all solid wood, and pretty secure.

A must for something housing glassware and other breakables.

I think it will be of great use to us in the coming years...

We just need to fill it with more stuff. So, no, my acacia wood salad bowl set is NOT the only thing which we plan to put in there! :D It's just the only thing there at the moment.

I think I'll put my over-sized serving trays and stuff in there.  Like my turkey platter (which is godawfully ginormous, and currently hiding out on top of my cupboards collecting greasy dust), and perhaps some of our least-used wine glasses... stuff like that.

The large, gorgeous, table-top however, is going to be awesome for serving large meals.  I think it could even be a great 'buffet' arrangement with finger food and other such 'party' food.

I'm excited!