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Friday, June 15, 2012

Steamed Peas in Italian Parsley

If you haven't noticed, I've kind of been on an Italian Parsley kick lately.

It's a wonderfully fresh herb with many uses.

One of which is mixed in with steamed green vegetables.

In this case, peas.


I find that if you season your vegetables well you don't need any unhealthy additions or unnecessary fats or sodium.

In fact, these obtrusive and overbearing flavours can even get in the way of some strong, well-meaning herb just trying to exert him or herself.

I mean... we don't want to hurt their feelings, do we?  They're just trying to do their job! A job we've asked them to do, and which we will all laud when completed.

So, in this case, I've decided to finely chop some Italian Parsley and employ it in the auspicious task of brightening some peas.

Dead simple, this was literally just some frozen peas :( steamed lightly for about 5 minutes, with a healthy smattering of parsley intermixed.

I admit that I did put the barest of bare pinches of salt in, but it was truly minuscule.  

Fear not, the parsley had all the credit for this masterpiece.

I'll say again that when using enough herb or spice as dominant flavour, you don't need any extra fat, or excess sodium.

Italian Parsley was more than sufficient to carry this entire dish of steamed peas, and the addition of anything like butter would have just made the dish... cacophonous.

And, like I said, it would have hurt Parsley's feelings.