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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Video: How to Free Poach an Egg

As the title suggests - here's a video on how to free poach an egg.  "Free" poaching just means putting your egg(s) in the water freely.  Really it's just a euphemistic term to describe 'boiling'.  But boiling an egg just sounds gross... plus it has close association with 'hard' boiling, which is cooking the living bejeebus out of egg while it is still in the shell.

Anyway, free poaching is a very healthy way to eat an egg, not to mention very tasty.  It is my personal favourite way to eat an egg; I just love being able to 'pop' the yolk at my own leisure, and then having it spill over everything.  Even an 'over-easy' egg the yolk is a little too overcooked for my liking.

The thing that a lot of people assume, however, is that poaching in this way is difficult, or even time-consuming.

It's not.

We skipped ahead approximately 1.5 minutes to let the egg cook, and then:

Special thanks to my dutiful and sparkling wife, and her stunningly steady hands, for filming.