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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crumpets Perdues

So, you know I don't really love mimicking others' recipes entirely; but there is one of Jamie Oliver's which I cook up fairly faithfully every once in a while.

Only because it's delicious.

In Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home, he's got a beautiful, graphic, double-page spread of what he calls 'Eggy breakfast crumpets':

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The only difference I make is I add a titch of milk to the mix, and I mince my chili significantly more than he does in the photo.

But... frying these in bacon grease (I still don't let it swim in the stuff...) is unparalleled.


Plus... I like mine a little eggier... a little extra goop on the sides.

Jamie's a little crazy (read: British) so I'm not going to comment on the freaking HP sauce (brown sauce)... but I can vouch for the syrup!  Mmmmmm...