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Friday, November 11, 2011

Kick-Ass Paper Towel Holder

I don't really use paper towels a whole lot.  Whenever possible I'll dip into my brimming towel and rag collection instead.  However, I have used a wide variety of paper towel holders in my day.  I've had apartments with cheap plastic ones, flimsy stainless steel ones, wooden counter-top (vertical) ones, and even none at all.

This was the one my current kitchen originally had:

Pretty pathetic, right?
Needless to say, the crappy plastic 'arms' broke on it, and we needed to replace it.

So, one day, while at one of my favourite stores to shop for cheap but decent low-end kitchen gear (are you listening PC?) I found a relatively uniquely-designed paper towel dispenser.

It looks almost like a paint roller cage.  Indeed, it has a 'cage' with which to hold and provide tension to the towel roll.

The thing is amazing.

Click to Enlarge These Pics!

Not only does it look super sleek, and have a low profile, but it is also very sturdy, and keeps the roll very firmly set.  It provides the exact right amount of tension - not too much to make it even slightly hard to pull, but also not too little to accidentally roll off more than you'd want.  

The single best thing about it, however, is the surprisingly satisfying ratcheting sound it makes when it turns.  A very subtle click of the rolling mechanism, soothing and offering special, strange, delight in turning.  The kind of delight a 3rd-person narrator might extol if I were in Amelié.

While I admit it's kinda weird praising a paper towel dispenser, this thing is truly, truly, truly outrageous!