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Friday, November 25, 2011

Décor Provençale

I'm fairly secure in my masculinity.

So it doesn't really bother me to admit that I have some fairly girly sensibilities at times.
One such vain interest, is Anthropologie.  

I swear my wife was the first person to hear about this place (before it got "cool"); she's been buying cute petite vêtements-françaises there for years.

I like to go into this store.  It always smells nice, and I could easily drop $10,000 in there on kitchen- and home-ware alone.

We've bought a few things here for our kitchen, over the years.  Some dishware, some serving-ware...

I'm sure you've noticed my delightful spoon rest before:

I also picked out this very nice butter dish:

So... it appears that I quite enjoy the "Provençale" look.

Which is OK. (again, see aforementioned masculine security).

In fact, last year I dragged my wife half-way across Manhattan looking for this one table linen set from Williams Sonoma which was only available in the states:

Anyway, this last week, we added some delightful mugs from Anthropologie to our collection.

I wanted a nice(r) mug which could become my new main coffee mug.

A man drinks coffee out of this mug, and you just know he's not afraid of anything.

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