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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whole Wheat Flax Bread

My wife and I buy this "blue menu multigrain flax" bread from President's Choice, regularly, and we love it.
It's pretty decent for store bought bread.
Plus, it has flax in it which is good for my wife who doesn't eat fish.

However... lately we haven't seen it around in every Loblaws or Superstore we visit.

So, I decided to try my hand at making some myself.

I had had some flax seeds in the cupboard (which I had actually bought in order to make some home-made thermal packs as flax retains temperatures quite well) which I wanted to use.

I have read that flax can go bad, or even 'rancid', if left too long... however these were OK.  They had been in a cool, dark space, and were seeds instead of ground, which makes a difference.

Anyway, this was basically my standard Artisan Bread recipe (you can reference that in my previous post about cinnamon buns) except I used about 80% whole wheat flour and 20% white (unbleached) flour, and that I put in a schwack of flax seeds.

I won't go into it because it's pretty standard, and very basic, but if anyone's interested in the recipe just ask me and I'll be happy to post it.

I was a little apprehensive about the addition of flax, but it actually worked out really well.

Like I said, everything was standard procedure, except for the 80% W.W. and the flax, but I also threw on some 'topping' before putting it in the oven.  This was basically just some loose wheat bran, some more flax seeds, and some raw oats.  Just to make it look 'grainy'! :)

It worked.

It was very wholesome, but not as dense as I feared.  Still very moist and very flavourful.

Absolutely delicious.  I've no doubt that this will be eaten up before it goes stale.