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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pretty Pathetic Peppers

I used to be able to grow almost anything.
People even told me that I had a 'green thumb'.
I've since realized that it wasn't me; I just happened to be blessed with some very well-lit apartments.

My current place has a fair few windows, but almost all of them are heavily obscured, or facing the complete wrong direction to grow anything indoors.

Outside, our patio does get enough light to grow some more hardy, shade-faring, varieties.

What few fruiting plants, however, ALSO have to contend with the voracious (and apparently absolutely ravenous) wildlife in our neighbourhood.

Every so often I'll try to grow some herbs or vegetables, and they don't last more than a week after sprouting, before some greedy (but wholly adorable) raccoon or squirrel (less adorable) comes along and helps himself.

So, needless to say, our harvests are extremely few, and extraordinarily far between.

We've currently got a couple of pepper plants out there, which have produced a few peppers here and there, but the moronic (again, however, thoroughly cute and cuddly) raccoons keep thinking they want to eat them.  We find entire raccoon dental records inscribed upon many a once-bitten-and-hastily-discarded pepper.

It might be worth it never to get a pepper from these plants, if we could only be there at 3 in the morning or whenever, and see the look on some unsuspecting raccoon's horrified face!

Poor dudes.

Anyway, I was out there a couple days ago, and finally was able to harvest 2 peppers, and they are some of the most shrunken, pitiful pathetic peppers I've ever picked!!!


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