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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Holy Red Seedless Grapes (Batman)!

One of my favourite snacking foods is grapes.

The wife used to always bring home green seedless grapes, and they were OK.

But, once I suggested she get red instead.  

I believe (without any overburdening of facts or foreknowledge on the subject, as I am often wont) that red grapes are better for you than green.  It's not as though green grapes are a rich, vibrant green like spinach, right?  Instead, their pasty skin is a pale, pallid green which I can't believe (again, without the misfortune of actually having any educated idea whatsoever) is containing as much nutrients as the incredibly dark and rich looking red skin of the red grapes.

While she was a little skeptical at first, she acquiesced and we now bring home a huge bag of these every week.

They require a little bit of effort all the time - you have to strip them from the vine, wash them in some water, and then dry them a bit before storing in a large plastic bin.

But they're so gorgeous.  And tasty.  And good for you.

Just LOOK at these.  

Don't they make your mouth water?
They do mine.

Here's an extra high-resolution pic I'll include.  Just so you can drool as much as I am right now: