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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Less Quick Red Sangria

So my version of Sangria is essentially still the same idea - adding wine to fruit and chilling - except for two differences.

One, no pop - or indeed any other liquid than the wine.  I've seen many a Sangria with fruit juice, and have even made one or two like that myself; however, today I decided to let this steep for about 36 hours in the fridge with just the natural juices from the chopped fruit.

Two, time.  This puppy took over a day of sitting in the fridge, before it was ready.

So... I chose a decent but cheap cab.  Normally not the biggest cab fan, but I figured the flavours would do well in Sangria.

And for the fruit - I made a few different selections for my fruit choices.  

Mostly orange, with some lime, a whole lot of red grapes, and some strawberries.

I then poured in as much wine as I could (there was about 125ml leftover which didn't fit) and then covered it with some cling film and an elastic band, and let it chill and 'steep' in the fridge for about a day and a half.

Now... you're going to have to imagine what it looks like from here, because I actually forgot to take more photos of it.  Wouldn't you know it?  :)  I blame the fact that I was drinking Sangria at the time.

So... after about 36 hours, I pulled the whole concoction out and served them in cab glasses.  I actually made sure to strain it while pouring (there was a fair bit of pulp from the disintegration of the fruit) but some of the more 'hardy' (and already red-stained) fruit like the strawberries and the grapes were certainly edible, and so they got added by hand.

Now... of course, I liked my Sangria more... and it definitely tasted like a cold, super-fruity, wine... but honestly, BOTH mine and the wife's versions were great to sip on such hot summer nights!