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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quick White Sangria

So, the wife got an idea to make a 'quick' version of Sangria, and using white wine.

This is her version.


She made some good choices with the fruit selections, and chose typically 'summer-y' kinds of sweet fruit.  Mostly, it was peaches and cherries.  But there were a few strawberries and grapes I think in there as well.

Anyway, her 'quick' technique basically involves chilling some lemon-lime pop (sprite or something like that) and using that to top off a pitcher filled with chopped fruit and a whole bottle of (sweet) white wine.

Pretty simple.

And certainly quick.

She then served it in champagne flutes, with careful (deliberate) spoonings of the fruit.

It was delicious, and actually quite refreshing.

Although - personally - I thought (in terms of flavour) it had more in common with a 'wine cooler' than with Sangria.

We're not going to tell her that though!